Crockwood Farm Retreat

Your Sanctuary When You Need It Most

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Crockwood Farm Retreat

Your Sanctuary When You Need It Most

Crockwood Farm The perfect setting for well-being

A tranquil setting within 9 acres of North Cornish countryside

A wildlife haven in which to rest and relax

A chance to disconnect from the frenetic pace of life

To have the space to think more clearly

To feel calm

To be still

To regain peace of mind and control

The opportunity to stop — breathe — slow down

To recover resilience and motivation

To learn how to manage work-related stress effectively

To grant new, more positive perspectives on current situations

A place to escape, to reflect and to re-assess

Your sanctuary for when life seems overwhelming

Feel safe, feel secure, feel better.

Crockwood Farm
The perfect setting for well-being

Crockwood Farm Retreat offers the perfect escape from the pressures of daily life and a safe environment in which to get well.

The Retreat offers the time and space for you to truly focus on yourself and to gain a much better understanding of what is causing your stress and your emotional reaction to it.

There is plenty of opportunity to slow down, to reflect and to regain inner strength.

The beautiful setting enables peace of mind and a chance to gain new perspectives on what may seem like overwhelming situations.

The Retreat is open to only one person at a time, ensuring you get the maximum level of support and attention you need.

You will receive 1:1 coaching with me on a daily basis, tailored to your specific needs

What is involved...

I use carefully selected techniques that achieve fast results in eliminating anxiety. I get to the heart of your problems quickly using a mixture of coaching, NLP, EFT & hypnosis.

In response to extensive published research, my programmes includes:

  • Physical exercise (walking)
  • Re-connecting with nature
  • Absorbing, mindful activities such as gardening

The Retreat is surrounded by all the things that are now proven antidotes to stress and anxiety — nature, birdsong, woodlands, spectacular coastlines, beaches and an abundance of wildflowers and wildlife.

This is why I incorporate these elements into my programmes. Everything is geared towards mental and emotional well-being.

You can stay here for 3 days or for 5, if you feel you need longer.

Your Cornish Sanctuary...

I do not offer a “one size fits all” approach — I tailor all retreats to meet your unique needs.

Together we will examine the causes of your stress, I will calm your anxious mind and emotions and help your look at your problems in a new light.

Even if you’ve been stressed and anxious for a long time, I will quickly free you from these feelings of being out of control.

You can relax here, you are completely safe.

I know you will wonder how you will cope when you leave the Retreat, so I will teach you strategies that will help you maintain your peace of mind when you return to work.

Let Crockwood Farm be your sanctuary when you need to escape from the pressure of life.

What's included:

During your stay you can enjoy:

  • Your own, home-from-home, cosy country cottage with a calming and relaxing interior decor.
  • Complimentary meals, including home-cooked evening meals
  • Use of a private cottage garden, with two patios and stunning views
  • Use of the extensive grounds
  • Transport to and from airport or train station, as required

What we are not...

Crockwood Farm Retreat is not a spa.

I do not offer the common mix of yoga, massage and detox diets that spas promote as a way of treating stress.

Whilst these may be enjoyable in the short-term, they only treat the symptoms of stress, not the cause.

They cannot provide strategies for overcoming stress, leaving individuals at risk of their anxiety returning once they go back to work.

The majority of spas do not offer exclusive, private, 1:1 support.