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A Typical Day at Crockwood Farm Retreat

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A Typical Day at Crockwood Farm Retreat

en I place myself in your shoes, I often think how scary it must be when you are already suffering from anxiety, to take yourself to a remote place in Cornwall, with someone you don’t know, not having a clue what’s going to happen to you when you get there! If that were me, my anxiety would leap off the scale!!

So I want to set out a typical day here, so that you can reassure yourself that it will be a lovely experience and that you won’t be put under any pressure to do anything.

In fact, as much as I would like you to receive specialist therapy that would take care of your issues forever, I must promise you that if you wanted to come here and do absolutely nothing but sleep or rest, I would respect that and leave you to it. (But I also think that would be a waste of your money, when a solution is within arm’s reach!)
Here is my proposed typical day, subject to the beautiful weather we get in Cornwall!

Below is what a typical day at Crockwood Farm Retreat looks like

Before 10am

Your time is your own

10am-12 noon

Walking in woodlands or the beach with the dogs (but if you hate dogs they can stay behind)


LUNCH in your cottage. Time alone.


Personalised, 1:1 therapy with Sarah

5pm onwards

Downtime for you to rest, reflect, re-set

I offer 3 and 5 day residential stays and on each day the walk is in a different location. We begin with a gentle walk on Day 1, gradually building to a spectacular walk on Day 3 or 5, which is both demanding and rewarding with breath-taking views.

As we walk, we can chat about what’s troubling you and after you have enjoyed a home cooked lunch in the privacy of your cottage, we will spend the afternoons together, really focusing on and getting rid of whatever is troubling you.

Only one person stays at The Retreat at any given time, ensuring you total privacy and exclusive therapy, completely tailored to your needs.

I ensure your cottage is equipped with luxury, calming and relaxing toiletries so that you can completely unwind during your evenings with a hot bath and settle down with a good book or a DVD. I also provide sleep aids, such as pillow sprays, to help give you a deep and nurturing sleep.

As you can see, there is plenty of time for you to be by yourself, free from the sources of your anxiety but there is also time to work with a trained therapist who can liberate you from your feelings of overwhelm and stress. If there’s anytime in between, I encourage you to tend to your cottage garden – a known mindfulness activity which is both calming and productive – but nothing is forced on you. You are always free to do nothing, if that is what you prefer or need.