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We loved Bella and so did Barkley!! The grounds are perfect for letting the dogs have a good run-around before and after a day out!

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As well as enclosed, dog safe gardens behind Foxdown and Thistledown cottages, we have 3 great paddocks where you are free to exercise your dog off the lead.

The top paddock, which also houses the children’s play area, can be accessed via the cottage back gardens, through private gates, making it exceptionally convenient to let your dog let off steam and do what they need to do!

Our second paddock can be found by following the woodland walk, which begins just beyond Coombe Cottage. Follow the path through the wooded area and it will bend to the right, leading you through more trees and down to a lovely pasture area. Follow the path down a fairly steep slope until you discover a beautiful, hidden pond, within more woodland. This is a haven for wildlife, so please ensure your dog is under control here. Please note the pond water is extremely deep so if your dog likes water, it may be wise to put the lead on!

There are a number of paths emerging from the woodland pond and they all lead you into our third paddock, which is creatively known as the Lower Paddock! Here your dog is still free to run off lead and please be aware of another large pond which is stocked with fish. The water is deep, so best to keep your dog out of it if you can.

Please note that the lower paddock can also be accessed from the gate next door to the farmhouse, opposite Foxdown Cottage.

We respectfully ask you to clear up your dog’s waste from the gardens and even the paddocks, so that all our guests can enjoy their walks.

We also ask that you keep your dogs on a lead, at all times, when not in one of our paddocks. This is for their own safety, as we have many deliveries in the courtyard and to respect the wildlife that are often found on the lawns, not to mention the plants in the front gardens! Thank you.

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